Lucy Spraggan X Factor UK Audition 2012

Lucy Spraggan X Factor UK Audition 2012

Lucy Spraggan X Factor UK Audition was tonight’s outstanding performance. Take a look at the video below to see how the audience loved her performance. Having written her own song, she went on stage to share the hilarious lyrics with the fans. And boy did they enjoy it. The song spoke of how you feel the next day after drinking lots of alcohol. Feeling worried about what you may have said while intoxicated. Clearly the words rang a bell with the audience as she managed to name so many drinks!

Lucy Spraggan X Factor UK Audition 2012

See the Lucy Spraggan X Factor UK Exclusive Extra Video by clicking here!

Another clip

Lucy Spraggan’s audition Watch as Lucy Spraggan gets everyone laughing with a self-penned ode to alcohol titled Last Night… Lucy’s bonkers about booze and likes to wax lyrical about going out on the lash.

See the professional video of this song at Lucy Spraggan Website here.

Lucy Spraggan X Factor UK Audition 2012

Lucy Spraggan X Factor UK Audition 2012

Watch as Lucy sings a comical ditty she wrote herself about the pitfalls of partying. Also — Shock! Horror! Mel B actually LOVED it. Someone call an ambulance!

X Factor UK Lucy Spraggan Audition 2012

As a special treat to fans of X Factor UK we bring you Lucy Spraggan’s A cover of the gorgeous Ed Sheeran’s A-Team. This girl really is talented, as a singer, a song writer and a musician.

Last weeks show made the headlines as Zoe Alexander threw the microphone at the X factor Judges. she then wrecked the set and punched the X factor producer in the face. See our post here X Factor UK 2012 Zoe Alexander audition. This weeks headlines are all about a truly remarkable and talented singer. Lucy Spraggan X factor UK 2012 audition will go down as one of the best since X Factor Susan Boyle appeared on the show.

See all the latest news from XFactor UK 2012 here at X Factor UK

Lucy will hope to follow the success of previous stars from the X Factor UK. Follow these links to One Direction Website, and to Little Mix News to see the latest information from them.

What did you think to Lucy’s singing and performance?

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Lucy Spraggan X Factor UK Audition

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34 Responses to Lucy Spraggan X Factor UK Audition 2012

  1. iPrORaPpldZZ says:

    the girl ed Sheeran(Y)

  2. Laura Whetton says:

    Well done, im wishing you all the luck in the X factor love :D I think you could go far!! Your what the X factors all about tbh!! Like if you agree!! xx

  3. LittleMixMixer says:

    just saw her audition on xfactor, AMAZAING

  4. ghostieboo00 says:

    Seen you at Beatherder and you are great. You will go far :)

  5. Danny Maguire says:


  6. Loren Christine says:

    This honestly made me cry. You have quite a talent there, dear. You deserve a record deal AND Ed knowing this lovely cover of yours. You’ll go far, keep it up! :) xx

  7. artistfrank says:

    AMAZING TALENT! i am so impressed :D

  8. profishnic says:

    Hi Morgs’s friend :D. Beautiful voice :D

  9. RuskinKyle says:

    Love this, well done

  10. Striderindahood says:


  11. Sammyphilgood01 says:



  12. RoRYYYHasAComputer says:

    So good :)

  13. Brinkzo says:

    you deserve to be huge!

  14. Brinkzo says:

    selina macdonald (the actress in the a team) tweeted it to ed! pretty sure he’ll see it! :D

  15. FootyRuleszYepp says:

    yes! thats how i found it! go on twitter/selinamacdonald

  16. badlittledragon says:

    no way?! Really!?

  17. FootyRuleszYepp says:

    you are fucking amazing, the person who was in the A Team Video tweeted this to ed

  18. freshelementz says:

    Lucy you sieze to amaze me, ur amazing! Love u loads!!

  19. afrodood123 says:

    Absolutely love it Lucy, can’t wait for your album to come out!

  20. jasmineeroseeful says:

    Usually I hate anyone that attempts to cover Ed because they usually fail :P But this is amazing! You have a beautiful voice!

  21. vanillaflorals says:

    I saw you at Osfest back in May, and thought you were so original :D

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  23. Greta Barder says:

    Loved the song… your voice

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